about nanomajority

Well, it seems "quarterly" may be a bit ambitious. Stay tuned.

From an editorial standpoint, nanomajority is interested in the various ways in which artists, writers, and critics intersect (or don't); there is no single stylistic container or grouping from which we select projects to highlight. There is no overarching manifesto to guide us. We simply publish what interests us.

submission guidelines

We solicit most of what we publish, but if you would like to propose a project, please email mark-at-nanomajority-dot-com.

about the editors

Mark Stricker's chapbook "There are langauge in my sleep again, filling up my body." was published by Auxilium Press in 2008. His poems have appeared in Counterpath Online, Sidereality, Muse Apprentice Guild, Tin Lustre Mobile, Word/For Word, Fell Swoop, Royal Vagrant Review, and Perihelion. He lives in Hamden, Connecticut. >>website

Jolynne Roorda is an artist and graphic designer. She is the co-founder and former director of Arts & Literature Laboratory, and former Director of Public Relations for Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven, Connecticut. She lives in London.

special thanks

A special thanks to Adriana Corona for helping w/ the coding for Will Montgomery's project.

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